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About Us is a privately-run company based in Southern California. For over five years, we've worked hard to help regular people cut through the bureaucratic red tape of accessing records that they have a right to by law.

In doing this, we've helped countless people locate lost relatives, protect their families, and have the information they need.

Unfortunately, even though there are laws that allow us to access government records (like marriage/divorce records, birth/death, bankruptcy, criminal records, background records, etc.), each city, county, and state all have their own procedures (and fees!) for accessing these records. Often times, you even have to physically go to a local courthouse or county clerk and stand in line, fill out a form, and pay a big processing fee.

So we're attempting to help solve this problem by gathering the data for you, from all these far-flung sources, and making it searchable online, in one place. We've worked with a handful of the country's highest-quality data consolidators and combined their data to give you one of the most comprehensive public records databases online.


Who are we? is run by a group of talented engineers, marketers, and customer support staff.

We love being near the ocean (yes, some of us even surf), and we're grateful to be able raise our families in such a beautiful environment. (Although we sure could use some rain. The drought is a big problem for the region, our farmers, wildlife and more.)



If you have any problems or questions as you use our service, please contact us. We have email forms, mailing addresses, and a support team that will answer your calls on a toll-free line during regular business hours. And of course, we'd always love your feedback and suggestions if you have them for us. Click here to Contact Us.


If you're concerned about your own privacy and the information about yourself in our database, please take a few minutes to look at the information on this page: Privacy Policy