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Q: What are "public records?" And aren't they supposed to be free?

A: Many types of records are mandated by law to be "public." That is, they must be made available in some manner to the public, such as certain court records, marriage records, corporate registration records, bankruptcies and liens, etc. And each keeper of records (e.g., a county clerk) determines the process and fee required to access the records. But to access these records, in most cases a person would have to physically travel to the relevant county clerk's office, stand in line, and pay a document retrieval fee for the record. So if you are in Florida and and you need a record from the clerks office in Davenport, Iowa, you have to go to Iowa to get it. And travelling there to obtain that record is hardly free.

So practically speaking, most "public records" are completely inaccessible to most people. To overcome this problem and to build a business solving it, decades of work and millions of dollars of database and web development work have been invested to gather thousands of disparate public records databases, consolidate and normalize these data, store terabytes of data securely, and provide an easily searchable web-based service to help people overcome the bureaucratic red tape and logistical nightmares to finally make supposedly "public" records truly public.

And as a result of the time we've taken to find all this data and the investment we've made in high quality database development, the reports we make available are unique and valuable to our users, matched by very few competitors on the web.

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